Read Woke Challenge

Read Woke encourages readers to explore diversity and social issues in ten different categories by reading books by authors from cultures other than their own, and books about issues such as Poverty & Homelessness and Social Injustice. Read the books, do the activities, win badges and discuss with those around you. Download the Beanstack app or go to and sign up. The Challenge runs through December 31st.

Read Woke began as a program to help people learn about others so they can treat people with the respect and dignity they deserve no matter their religion, race, creed, or color. It was originally developed by school librarian Cicely Lewis of suburban Atlanta to challenge her students to read more about other people and their own history.

She concluded that a Woke Book must:
-Challenge a social norm
-Give voice to the voiceless
-Provide information about a group that has been disenfranchised
-Seek to challenge the status quo
-Have a protagonist from an underrepresented or oppressed group

The PCPL challenge is for all ages. You can do it yourself or include friends and family.

You get to choose the books you read, but below are some handy guides and lists to help get you started in selecting material in the different reading categories.

African American:

Native American:







Minority and Social Justice Booklists by Genre: