Family Read Aloud Challenge



Register your family & receive a challenge pamphlet at any of our four locations: Stevens Point, Plover, Rosholt, or Almond.

Read books of 80+ pages together as a family & earn up to three free books per year! Every time you read six books aloud, return to the library with your pamphlet to choose a free book. One registration per family. Open to families of all ages!

Refer to our Read Aloud Favorites pamphlet for book recommendations.

Families who READ together, GROW together!


Tips & Tricks:

Choose books all family members will enjoy, or take turns choosing.

Read a parent’s childhood favorite.

Re-read a child’s recent favorite.

Extend your reading: ex: try a recipe mentioned in your book or draw a picture of a favorite character.

Explore a new interest with a book related to that topic.

Schedule a regular day and/or time for your family to read aloud.

If possible, take turns reading aloud.

If a book isn’t working for your family, move on to something new.

Most importantly, enjoy reading together as a family!