On-Line Meeting Room Reservation System

By reserving a Meeting Room at the Portage County Public Library, the individual or organization acknowledges that they have read and understood the following:

  • The meeting rooms located at the Portage County Public Library (PCPL) in Stevens Point, Plover and Rosholt are community assets, and the Library Board wishes to encourage their use by community groups for lawful purposes when not in use for Library or County functions. PCPL permits groups engaged in educational and cultural activities to hold such activities in Library meeting rooms. Examples of permissible groups include cultural, literary, and artistic groups; school, service, and social welfare groups; clubs and groups concerned with civic or self-improvement; political and religious groups; and governmental agencies.
  • Granting of permission to use Library facilities does not constitute an endorsement by the Library Board or staff of the users or their beliefs.

All meetings conducted in the Library are subject to these rules and regulations:

  1. All meetings held on Library premises must be open to the public, and the Library reserves the right to set the time and place of any meeting on its premises. Meetings that interfere with normal Library functions will not be permitted.
  2. Selling or promoting products or services, charging admission, soliciting donations, or selling raffle tickets is prohibited.
  3. All reservations will be confirmed through the Office Supervisor’s office (or designated staff). For questions about a meeting room at the Portage County Public Library, telephone 715-346-1545 or send a message via http://www.pocolibrary.org/contact. For meeting rooms at the Plover and Rosholt locations, contact the library branch directly at: 715-341-4007 (Plover) or 715-677-4512 (Rosholt). The meeting room at the Almond location is administered by the Village of Almond. Contact the Village at 715-366-8171.
  4. The meeting rooms may be occupied only during regular Library hours, unless special arrangement is made with the Library Director.
  5. Rooms will be booked only to adults. Youth groups may use the rooms if a responsible adult has been designated and is present at all times.
  6. No animals are allowed in the meeting rooms, except those authorized for use in Library sponsored programs and service animals that are individually trained to perform tasks for people with disabilities. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), service animals are working animals, not pets.
  7. Items may not be taped, nailed, or tacked to the walls of the meeting rooms.
  8. The Library staff shall be responsible for the general supervision of the entire building within scheduled hours.
  9. Any person or qualifying organization reserving any room at the Library is responsible for setting it up as they wish and are responsible for returning the room to its original condition. Groups must also make the Library aware of any audio/visual equipment needs during the registration process. A/V requests made only on the day of the event will be accommodated based on available staff and equipment, and fulfillment is not guaranteed.
  10. All groups using the meeting rooms shall be responsible for leaving the room in a clean, orderly, sanitary condition. They shall assume responsibility for any damage to the room or its contents. If expenses are incurred by the Library for cleaning and/or repair, the group will be charged. Any group or groups guilty of infractions will lose the privilege of future use.
  11. Smoking is not allowed on Library premises, including a ban on electronic smoking devices.
  12. Light refreshments, coffee, tea, or other beverages may be served at all location. Groups may cater light meals. By law, alcoholic beverages or fermented malt beverages may not be consumed on the premises. All food must remain in the meeting room.
  13. Public performances of a video recording in a public meeting room is an infringement of copyright laws unless public performance rights were secured from the copyright owner or authorized agent. The group using the room is responsible for obtaining those public performance rights.
  14. Groups using the Plover meeting room outside of Library hours are responsible for obtaining a key at the Plover Library office prior to the event. The key must be picked up and returned during regular library hours, and the key must be returned within 24 hours of the event, or on the next library business day. Groups will use the East entry door and at no time may enter Library staff areas.
  15. Groups using the Rosholt meeting room outside of Library hours are responsible for using a Library provided code for entry into the back entrance of the meeting room on the day of the event.

Library Use:

Library programs always have priority over non-Library programs. For literacy or Library-sponsored programs, the Library may authorize a fee on a cost-recovery basis for materials, supplies, etc., may authorize the sale of books associated with author visits and Library fund raisers, and may limit attendance.

Abuse of Privileges:

Abuse of the meeting room, such as disorderly conduct, leaving the room in a disorderly condition, violating regulations, or failing to use a scheduled room, may bar the group from using the room again. The Library will charge for any damage done. The Director of the Library is authorized to deny permission to use Library rooms to any group that is disorderly or violates regulations.

When you book, you will receive two emails -- one will indicate that you have made a reservation, the second one will confirm it. Room is not reserved until you receive the second email confirmation!

When you click on the “I accept” button you will be taken to the online meeting room reservation system.

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updated April 3, 2019