If You Liked "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" by Stieg Larsson

Author Title Synopsis
Arnaldur Indridason Arctic Chill In this thriller, the Reykjavik police are called on an icy January day to a garden where a body has been found: a young, dark-skinned boy is frozen to the ground in a pool of his own blood. Inspector Erlendur embarks on his investigation and soon unearth tensions simmering beneath the surface of Iceland’s outwardly liberal, multicultural society. Soon, facts are emerging from the snow-filled darkness that are more chilling even than the Arctic night.
  Silence of the Grave When a skeleton is unearthed at a Reykjavik building site, Inspector Erlendur and his colleagues set out to unravel a complex and decades-old crime that may have ties to his own troubled family history.
Atkinson, Kate When Will There be Good News? On a hot summer day, Joanna Mason's family slowly wanders home along a country lane. Moments later, Joanna's life is changed forever. On a dark night thirty years later, ex-detective Jackson Brodie is on a train that is both crowded and late. Lost in his thoughts, he suddenly hears a shocking sound. At the end of a long day, 16-year-old Reggie is looking forward to watching a little TV. Then a terrifying noise shatters her peaceful evening. These three lives come together in unexpected and thrilling ways in this novel from the critically acclaimed author Kate Atkinson.
Bazell, Josh Beat the Reaper The carefully orchestrated life of Manhattan emergency room doctor and witness-protection program participant Peter Brown unravels in the course of a high-stakes day that begins with a mugging, an elevator encounter with a sexy pharmaceutical rep, and a new patient who knows him from his previous existence.
Cain, Chelsea Heartsick Addicted to pain killers and still bound to Gretchen Lowell, the beautiful serial killer who had abducted and tortured him before turning herself in, Portland detective Archie Sheridan is caught in another deadly duel with a vicious murderer targeting teenage girls, an ambitious reporter, and Gretchen herself.
Eriksson, Kjell The Cruel Stars of the Night In the sequel to The Princess of Burundi, Police Inspector Ann Lindell and her colleagues are called in to investigate the disappearance of a local professor, a case that could be linked to the murders of several elderly men.
French, Tana In the Woods Twenty years after witnessing the violent disappearances of two companions from their small Dublin suburb, detective Rob Ryan investigates a chillingly similar murder that takes place in the same wooded area, a case that forces him to piece together his own traumatic memories.
Høeg, Peter Smilla’s Sense of Snow When caustic Smilla Jaspersen discovers that her neighbor---a neglected six-year-old boy, and possibly her only friend---has died in a tragic accident, a peculiar intuition tells her it was murder. As she attempts to solve the mystery, she uncovers a series of conspiracies and cover-ups and quickly realizes that she can trust nobody.
Hoffman, Jilliane Retribution When a distinguished female prosecutor is confronted by the most dangerous predator she has ever encountered, she discovers that she must make a difficult choice between justice and retribution.
Lackberg, Camilla The Ice Princess After she returns to her hometown to learn that her friend, Alex, was found in an ice-cold bath with her wrists slashed, biographer Erica Falck researches her friend's past in hopes of uncovering the truth of her death. Teaming up with Detective Patrik HedstrÖm, who has his own suspicions about the case, Erica begins to uncover shocking events from Alex’s childhood.
Mankell, Henning The Man from Beijing Hudiksvall, January 2006. Police find eighteen people massacred in a small village. They think it's the work of a mad man, but Birgitta and August believe they were killed by the same person who killed their mother.
Marklund, Lisa Red Wolf A spate of killings that began with the murder of a Swedish journalist prompts crime reporter Annika Bengtzon to look into the deaths, in an investigation that forces her to question her own husband’s honesty.
Mina, Denise Garnethill When Maureen O’Donnell finds Douglas, a shady therapist with whom she is having an affair, in her apartment with his throat slit, she sets out to retrace his last few days and uncovers a horrifying scandal at a local psychiatric hospital.
Nesser, Hakan Mind's Eye Chief Inspector Van Veeteren becomes suspicious about the seemingly open-and-shut case against Janek Mitter, convicted of killing his wife while drunk, especially when Mitter also becomes a homicide victim. When a mysterious letter linked to the two cases appears, the inspector launches a full-scale investigation into both slayings to unravel the truth and find the real killer.
Parker, T. Jefferson L.A. Outlaws Investigating the latest crime scene of a celebrity thief who has been staging lucrative heists and donating the spoils to charity, rookie deputy Charlie Hood embarks on an affair with a key witness and is forced to make an ethics-testing decision when the thief is targeted by a professional killer.
Perry, Thomas Vanishing Act Jane Whitefield, a Native American woman whose job is to help people disappear, assists those looking for a new identity, until she is confronted with a new client who is not what he seems.
Read, Cornelia A Field of Darkness Married outside of her blue-blood class to a genius investor who takes frequent business trips, writer Maddie Dare endures long weeks alone in her industrial-city home and becomes involved in an investigation to clear her favorite cousin from a double murder charge.
Sjowall, Maj Roseanna In this first installment of The Story of a Crime series, Swedish police detective Martin Beck hunts for the murderer of a lonely traveler, a young woman whose body was dredged from Sweden’s beautiful Lake Vattern. With no clues Beck begins an investigation that drags on for months with Beck only managing to discover the victim’s name – Roseanna – and that she was last seen on a small cruise ship in southern Sweden.
Slaughter, Karin Blindsighted Pediatrician and coroner Dr. Sara Linton, her ex-husband and chief of police Jeffrey Tolliver, and female detective Lena Adams are on the case when a sadistic rapist and murderer begins targeting women in Grant County, Georgia.
Smith, Martin Cruz Gorky Park A triple murder in a Moscow amusement center: three corpses found frozen in the snow, faces and fingers missing. Chief homicide investigator Arkady Renko is brilliant and cynical about everything except his profession. To identify the victims and uncover the truth, he must battle the KGB, FBI, and New York police as he performs the impossible--and tries to stay alive doing it.
Tracy, P.J. Monkeewrench Grace McBride and the team at her software company are horrified when events in their murder mystery computer game are replicated in the real world by a ruthless killer, a situation that prompts them to analyze the game in order to anticipate the killer’s next move.